Spend a minimum on marketing your products

Every sort of product and service needs marketing and promotions. Even well-known brands embark on a fully-fledged campaign when they release a new item under their same name. Costs of marketing skyrocketed during the times when the mass electronic media era; people started to advertise in the television and radio and it cost millions of dollars per a mere second.

Portrayal of marketing

Due to this very reason, marketing was seen as a cost centre. Indeed, time was limited in television and radio. Not all the programmes were viewed by people. Different “target markets” viewed different programmes during various times. For a brand to cover all of them wasn’t easy without spending a small fortune. Press was the same story; there was a limited space for advertisements when news was published. Hence per cm or column cost was going up and up.

Introduction of the World Wide Web

However once the world wide web was introduced after the second world war, things changed. Apart from websites allowing advertisements and offering an array of options, the mainstream mass media also took to the web. For example, television and radio stations started their own websites and video streaming platforms. Some created an account in popular streaming services. These had ample space and unlimited time for advertisements; you could test out with a very small “strip” ad, then advance onto a “banner” ad. Brands started using more and more of this to showcase themselves to the world.

Reachof the online media

The most important part about web platforms is that it’s universal. Customers who buy your products are the ones who have the money and they overlap the people who have and use internet. Whilst the social media and online advertising are totally different areas to be studied separately, having and managing your own website is a must for every brand. First of all, you need to choose a reputed web design Singapore firm.

They must have a clear idea of your products, their placement, target market and so on. Communication is the key; you need to communicate all these details to the web developers very clearly for the best results.A positive result will come out only after a successful collaboration has happened between the designers and content writers. A theme has to be finalised and stuck on to; things should work out from top to bottom based on that.

Most marketing teams are flexible now in work activities and even budgets. However to bypass the view of it being a cost centre more should be done in terms of effective marketing campaigns.

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