How to encourage children to learn maths

While some might say maths is fun others might completely disagree for different reasons. Sometimes it could be because they never got what was happening in the lesson or that they find it too complex to understand or simply because they have a preset mind that it is difficult. As a parent you need to understand that the school can only do so much when it comes to educating your child. The rest is in your hands. So if you find that your child is having a hard time with maths, it is up to you to make sure you build his or her interest for it. Here are some tips you could use for this.

Start with numbers

This more applicable to children learning numbers for the first time. If you want to make sure that your child develops an interest to this subject from the beginning then set the base right. Start off by teaching them to count from 1- 10 and eventually increase the range. You could use different study aids likes colorful balls, cups, flowers and whatnot for this. Do try to understand your child’s study pace as well during this stage. The teaching methods you might have to use may vary based on this factor, so pay close attention.

Play games

When you are having fun there is no stopping. So combine learning in to this mix and make sure that your child learns something while also having fun. There are so many maths games out there that you could use and play with to develop your child’s basic mathematical skills. This way as times goes by and they move to higher grades, they wouldn’t find this subject too hard and need h2 maths tuition.

Teach fractions with cookies

Just like the previous tip of creating games to learn maths, you could also involve cooking as well in to the mix. Plan out the ingredients to bake a fresh batch of cookies and teach your child the simple lessons of fractions. Hand out a plastic knife to him or her and let them cut the dough in to 1/3, ½, or even 1/4 to understand the differences between these.

Use an abacus

Of all the mathematical equipment you could use to teach a child maths, an abacus is one that is most recommended. In some countries these are used from primary grades itself to teach the child to add, subtract and even multiply in ease and at a fast pace. So do by one for your child as well and teach him or her the method of using it to solve problems. You could also enroll them in to professional classes that teaches one how to use this tool to solve problems in ease.

Consider the above tips and work on developing your child’s interest to this challenging yet exciting subject!


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