How to plan for a trip in India:

India is known to be a very huge country with lots of regions. The culture is very diverse and interesting. The country is known for food with amazing flavors and its rich culture of spices and silk cloth.  Below are some tips on how to make your visit in India memorable.


Upon arriving at India there are a lot of local Travel Agents that are willing to provide services for tourists who need help in planning for their travel destination and transportation for the duration of their stay. They can also help you adjust your trips and schedules as you wish.

Transportation is readily available in India. You have the option to travel through plane, railway, by bus or you can also rent a private car to take you anywhere you want to go. Multiple International airlines are known to cater flights to major cities in India so long distance travelling won’t be a problem. If you decide to travel using their public railway system you can book in advance using their online platform system and you have different accommodations to choose from.


Accommodation is very easy to find in India. There are a lot of options to choose from depending on your budget. Local travellers Inn and budget-friendly hostels with decent amenities are available almost everywhere in major cities. But if you feel like paying extra for a great stay you can always check in at a 5 star hotel in Mumbai where you can experience first-class amenities and value for your money.

Communication and technology in India are pretty stable and advanced. Most developed places have wifi access and local internet shops are available as well. If you don’t have your laptop with you hourly computer rentals are also available. Another suggestion is to purchase a local SIM Card with data allocation in which you can use in making local calls. It’s going to save you a decent amount of money since it charges local rates compared to using your international number.


In case you get sick or catch a cold while visiting the country, do not fear because India is known for its booming industry in terms of Medical Tourism you can always find access to pharmacies, doctors and hospitals that guarantees to give you quality healthcare that you deserve.


Majority of India has humid weather throughout the year so you need to wear lightweight clothes to keep you cool and comfortable. Also a friendly reminder especially to female tourists that India is still a pretty conservative country so wearing something daring and skimpy in public places is not encouraged at all.

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