How to be the supportive parent when your child is not doing well in school?

Tips and suggestions on what to do when your child is doing poorly in school…


Find out the reason behind their bad grades

Most people tend to think that there may be just one reason for their child performing badly at school. Generally, they just assume that it is due to their child boredom or laziness. This is not true in 99% of the cases. More often than not, it may be a combination of reasons for your child doing poorly. Difficulty in understanding a subject, being bullied, having issues with his classmates, having issues with his eyesight are all reasons to consider; and it is possible that it may be more than one reason at one time. Try to figure out what his reasons are. It will be a delicate task, as he may not be willing to share; so be patient.

Offer to tutor them through their difficult subjects

If understanding the subject or understanding the teacher’s or professors teaching method is the problem, it can be resolved quite easily. Simply tutor them on this yourself. This is possible to you if they happen to be in a lower grade like the primary school. Focus on their homework and assignments as well. Make sure you are only teaching them to do the task, and not doing the task yourself. However, if you simply don’t have the time to see to this everyday, consider hiring a tutor for this purpose. Finding a primary school tutor Singapore  based should not be a difficult task for you.

Make sure their eating and sleeping habits are not the cause of their bad performance in school

We are pretty sure that you might have noticed on the days that you don’t sleep well, you perform badly at work; making more mistakes than you normally do. Likewise, you might have also noticed that when you happen to eat something that makes you sluggish and over full for lunch, your work suffers for the hours that follows. This is pretty much the same with your little one. Keep an eye on their sleeping and eating habits to make sure their poor diet or insufficient sleep is the reasons for them doing badly in school.


Enforce a positive attitude towards this problem

Have a better and more positive attitude about the matter. Teach your child that we are all “work in progress”, and that he shouldn’t be too harsh on himself. Celebrate the small wins, like an “ok mark” on a paper¾at least they passed it! when they are frustrated with not understanding something, tell them that it is temporary, that they have not understood it yet. Motivate them to do better. 

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