What Children Need to Become Responsible Adults

Every parent wants to see their children grow up to be responsible adults. Actually, every person in the world wants to see the younger generation becoming responsible adults. That is not a bad wish to have. However, if we are expecting children to be responsible adults, as the adults of today we have a huge responsibility to create a good world for them.

We need to understand what children need to become responsible adults in the world. When we understand that all that is left for us to do is providing them with what is necessary for them to become responsible adults.

A Way to Fulfil Their Basic Necessities

Before we can expect any child to listen to what advice we have to give we should provide them with the necessary items they need to live. You cannot guide a child who is starving half the time in the right direction without first filling his or her belly. To make children listen to what we have to say we should first provide them with the food, drinks, clothes and a secure place to live. Children who lack any or all of these things are the ones who show dangerous and rude behaviour from a young age most of the time.

Love and Care

Love and care is also something necessary for children to become kind and caring adults as they grow up. Most of the children are lucky to have parents who are ready to provide them with all the love and care they could dream of. Still, there are going to be children who do not receive love and care. That could be because they do not have parents or because the parents they have are not interested in the children as they should be. We can see child protection institutions coming forward in these moments to help such children.

Proper Guidance

After children have been provided with all their basic necessities, love and care, they need proper guidance. Children with parents who can provide such guidance do not have to worry about that. For children without parents there are good orphanages which provide this kind of guidance. Since such institutions do a good job respectable and influential people in the society such as Teo Yen Koon Desmond can be seen making donations to these institutions.

If as adults we provide children with all of these things we can expect them to become responsible adults one day and take care of the world. They will make the world a better place.



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