How to Safely Secure Tickets for Your Favorite Events?

If there is anything more exciting than actually attending the event, it is securing tickets for it or at least, the lead up to it. The anticipation is palpable, particularly for events that are in high demand, which makes tickets season a whole load of jitters, anxiety and like we said excitement. Naturally with such events, the likelihood of scoring the really good spots is rather slim. Unless of course you happen to know someone who can get them for you in some way, or you get a great deal. As excited as you might be though, you should always be careful when shopping for tickets online, particularly highly looked-forward-to events. There are scammers lurking about waiting to prey on unsuspecting fans, which happens more often than you think. Consider this your back-to-basics guide to shopping for tickets online.

Get That App

Almost everything has a mobile app today, which means that any legit site you are trying to buy the tickets off of has one too. Make sure your phone has enough space to not just install the app, but also to run it. You want to also be sure that the app is the real thing, so double-check just in case. You may have to do some verification tests as well since they may want to determine that you are not a bot. So do not leave the installing to the last minute. Download the app in advance, and familiarize yourself with it so you know how to operate it when the time comes.

Prep before the Sale

At least 20 minutes before, be ready with your credit card details, and any other information you might need. If you are looking to purchase say, Anzac day AFL tickets, then have an idea of which seats you want. You also want to have an idea of roughly around what time the tickets will go on sale, since there are cases of them not always going up at the stipulated time. If you are new to this whole thing, it would be a good idea to do it with a buddy who knows the procedure well.

Good Internet

It does not matter what you do, if your Internet is slow (hello dial-up), everything you put effort to will be in vain. When it comes to high demand events, you want to be quick on the take since there are so many waiting to push you away. Be sure to have access to a good Wi-Fi connection, and test it out before the sale. It would be terrible if it happened to disconnect for whatever reason just as you were about to beat the crowd.

No Refreshing

It is the golden rule of ticket purchasing. You should never refresh the page. It will not get you where you want to go any faster, probably only slower. The page will load when it loads, bear in mind it could be facing a lot of traffic. You need to be patient, so maybe fixing a snack to calm your nerves would be a good idea too!

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